Cotacahi Health Chapters

Ophthalmologist - Opthemetrists

Dr. Santiago Real, OD, MS, c (Eye Doctor) - Optometrista Clinico

Address: Clinica Moderna (Ibarra)

Phone: (Cell) 098-458-9183


Golden Vision Optica - Ernesto y Paulina Proaño

Address: Simon Bolibar y 10 de Agosto, Cotacachi

Phone: (Landline) 06-291-6728


Additional Information: Speaks Español.

OptiClass Optica – Ivo Yepez Luna

Address: Bolivar 7-35 and Oviedo, Ibarra

Phone: (Cell) 098-449-2383 (Landline) 06-264-0040


Additional Information: Dr. Luna speaks English.

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