Cotacahi Health Chapters

Medical Equipment Sources

Medical Equipment For Loan or Rent

The following equipment is available at no cost for current CHC members and for rent to non-members. A cash deposit is required for both members and non-members.

To arrange for medical equipment contact Susan Murray at

First, contact Susan to make arrangements for pick-up and to pay the security deposit on the equipment.

All equipment must be picked up and must be returned to Susan’s house only.


Brand/Description: Medi Choice, aluminum, adjustable

Price/New: EC - $55.00

Deposit: $25.00

Rent: $5/wk

Neck Brace

Brand/Description: Ambu Perfit Ace, adjustable

Price/New: USA - $89.00

Deposit: $15.00

Rent: $10/mo

Arm Sling

Brand/Description: BREG Slingshot 2, padded shoulder strap, right or left arm

Price/New: EC - $30.00

Deposit: $20.00

Rent: $10/mo

Arm Cast Cover

Brand/Description: Plastic cover for bathing

Price/New: USA - $25.00

Deposit: $15.00

Rent: $5/mo

Wrist Brace

Brand/Description: Small, for left wrist

Price/New: EC - $11.00

Deposit: $5.00

Rent: $5/mo

Back Support

Brand/Description: Lower back support, adjustable

Price/New: EC - $35.00

Deposit: $15.00

Rent: $5/mo

Commode Chair

Brand/Description: 2 models available - over toilet or freestanding

Price/New: USA - $150.00

Deposit: $50.00

Rent: $7.50/mo

Shower Seat

Brand/Description: 2 models available - With or without Back - Plastic

Price/New: USA - $100.00

Deposit: $50.00

Rent: $5/mo

Knee Brace

Brand/Description: Padded and adjustable for flexion and extension

Price/New: USA - $100.00

Deposit: $25.00

Rent: $5/wk

Ice Machine

Brand/Description: Polar Care, Kodiak w/adjustable cooling bladder, suitable for knee or shoulder use

Price/New: USA - $200.00 +shipping

Deposit: $200.00

Rent: $10/wk

Walker w/wheels

Brand/Description: No seat, Adjustable height

Price/New: EC - $100.00 +shipping

Deposit: $75.00

Rent: $5/wk

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