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Medical Insurance Options

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Private Insurance Companies

These are companies that have been approved by Ecuador that will meet the health insurance requirements for expats while living in Ecuador. (Website links provided for some)


IESS is a form of Ecuadorian Social Security/Medicare. You make monthly payments and after 3 months you are covered 100% for doctors, hospitals, ambulance, surgery, denatl, and any of your prescriptions that they have in their pharmacy.

When calling 911 you need to specify that you have IESS because they have their own ambulance, doctors, hospitals, and clinics. In order to have IESS pay you must use their facilities.

To sign up for this program you may go online at Their website is in Spanish.

You may also go in person to one of their offices. There is an office in Octavalo and one in Ibarra. Only Spanish is spoken, so you may need to arrange for a translator to accompany you.

Any taxi driver will know how to get to either of these offices and if you take a bus any taxi driver at either bus terminal will know how to get to the office.

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