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Annual Financial Report​ 2016

Attached is the Income Expense report for 2016. As you can see, we collected $1,555.00 in membership dues.

We set up a web page and updated it as needed throughout the year. The total cost for set up and monthly maintenance was $984.05. (Most of the expense was for set up $600. Monthly maintenance was about $30/month).

In response to the coastal earthquake in April we sent $600 through Hearts of Gold Foundation in Cuenca. ($500 from our operating expenses and $100 from an individual donation).

We hosted a talk on a nursing home in Ibarra in July. We collected $86 in donations to cover the costs of the meeting which totaled $64.00.

We hosted several first aid classes throughout the year. Any money over expenses was given to Lee Wright as payment for conducting the classes. No cash came through me, so I don’t know the amounts involved.

We also conducted a survey of our members to see what they would like our organization to do in the future. Cost for this survey was $26. (membership to Survey Monkey).

The only other expenses we had for the year was $120 to Teri Scarberry for keeping our rental medical equipment. The equip has now been transferred to Susan Murray’s house and she has agreed to keep it for free in 2017. Additionally, $20 was approved for one of our chapters to host a talk by Dr. Luz at their chapter meeting. The notes from this talk will be posted on the web site so that we can all benefit from her talk.

The only other income was about $5 bank interest and we had $1.85 in bank fees. We spent $69.79 more than we received in 2016.

2016 Balance Sheet

2016 Income Expense comparison with 2015

2016 Income Expense Report




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