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Cotacachi Health Chapters

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-staffed organization of expats designed to support and educate the expat community about health-care and preparedness for medical treatment and emergencies.


12 Preparedness Components

Use these 12 links to find health care providers and medical facilities and for development of your health maintenance and your health emergency plans.

Realities Of Medical Services In Cotacachi

  • Ecuador medical options, emergency care providers and the level of medical services are not like the US or Canada and the scope of services vary, depending on the facility.
  • Navigating the whole process can be complicated.
  • There is no one number to call so that everything will be taken care of.

Basic Preparation Questions

Can you answer these basic preparation questions?

  • Where do you start, when learning about health care in Ecuador?
  • What do you need to do to prepare for a medical emergency?
  • Where do you go in an emergency?
  • What types of issues do you need to be extra concerned about (legal, logistics, cultural, etc.)?
  • Where can you get help making your personal plan?

Recommendations for Basic Preparation

Cotacachi Health Chapters recommends the following preparations for medical care:

  1. Fill out an Emergency Information Sheet. Consider giving a copy of the emergency sheet to someone that you trust. Keep a copy of this information in a folder on the top of your refrigerator (or other designated location). It needs to be easily reached in an emergency by you, a friend or emergency personnel.
  2. Translate your entire medical history into Spanish so it can be handed to the medical providers. What may not seem key to you, may in reality, be key to your medical provider.
  3. Be sure that someone has keys to your house and knows your gate code. In an emergency, someone will likely need to get into your house to get your emergency information.

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