Cotacahi Health Chapters

Cotacachi Health Chapters

Welcome to Cotacachi Health Chapters

Cotacachi Health Chapters is an organization of expats designed to support, help, and educate the expat community about health-care and preparedness for medical emergencies.

  • We are organized around small neighborhood groups, called Chapters.
  • We offer workshops, lectures, and presentations dealing with health care issues. Members receive discounted admission.
  • A major focus is our website which provides information about hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors, specialists, translators, ambulance services, taxi drivers, and alternative health-care practitioners. This website is available to the entire expat community.

Why be a Member of Cotacachi Health Chapters?

  • Who would you call at 3:00am in a medical emergency?
  • Do you have someone who could notify next of kin if you were in a medical emergency?
  • Do you have a translator available for a doctor or hospital visit or medical emergency?
  • How would you decide which hospital to go to for your specific situation?
  • Who would you call for transport to a doctor’s office or hospital anytime of day or night?
  • Who would care for your pet if you are hospitalized?

Our goal is to provide information to help Cotacachi expats deal with health care issues. Your annual membership dues help support the organization. If you believe in the goals of the organization, please become a member now. We value your support in helping expats be better prepared to deal with health care issues.

How to become a member or Renew your membership

  • The annual membership dues are $10 person, or $25 for a family of three or more living in the same household.
  • Membership dues are for a calendar year (Jan.1-Dec. 31).
  • Dues are not prorated.
  • You can sign up through the website to become a member.
  • After we receive your New Member Sign Up information (name and email address), we will contact you to arrange payment of your membership dues.

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